Hi. Welcome to my blog!

My name is Cheyenne.

I was born and raised in California with a pretty awesome mom (who is also my best friend), a hardworking dad, and one younger sister (who is away at college now). I loved growing up there. Always close to the ocean and always close to the mountains. It also meant warm weather most of the time.

I grew up spending time hiking with my family, playing at the beach, at dance lessons, girl scout meetings, and swimming in our pool.

I started to learn about Jesus from an early age and I always had so much fun at youth group and vacation bible school. One of my favorite parts of church growing up was getting to be involved in the plays and in children’s choir.

Fast forward to the 4th grade and my family and I packed up and moved to Utah. The snow was a big change and took a lot of getting used to.

Moving to Utah was a struggle. Talk about culture shock.

Seven years ago I met my husband, Cailin, at youth group.

Four years later we started dating,

Fast forward two more years and he asked me to be his wife.

We got married July 7, 2017!

our first look-- Our wedding day was the best day ever. Like ever. || itscheyennedee.wordpress.com

Cailin is my very best friend in the whole entire world. He is constantly making me laugh and is always taking me on adventures. We love to be together no matter what we are doing. Whether we are going on some crazy adventure, cooking together, or just watching Netflix.

I love to take pictures, drink coffee, write, talk, go hiking and travel. Getting to explore new and unfamiliar places is one of my favorite things. The world is so exciting.

I also just finished my degree at the University of Utah.

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I love people.

I love God.

And I’m really excited to share my stories with you.