arches adventure.

We have been slowly checking National Parks off of our bucket list. We had such a fun weekend in Arches. I love spending time in beautiful places and enjoying nature.

The past few weeks had been getting a little stressful, with the wedding planning, work and me finishing up school. We decided we needed a weekend away. We asked a couple of friends to join us for the weekend but plans fell through and we ended up going alone. But it was still so much fun! We left Thursday afternoon so we didn’t get to Moab until it was already dark.

We went to set up the tent and Cailin realized he had left the tent poles at home…so we had no tent. We decided that sleeping in the truck bed was our best bet. We blew up the air mattress and put our sleeping bags on it with the cover down over. We had to leave the tailgate down because the mattress was a little long so we put the tent rain cover over that part. It wasn’t the greatest sleeping arrangement but it worked.

The next morning we got up and went to the park. We had both been there before but not since we were kids.

We hiked up to delicate arch. I read that the lighting was the best in the afternoon but it was cloudy the day we went. It was also super windy but the views were incredible.

We planned to sit and eat lunch at the top but when we got there it was so windy that we could barely see. Sand was flying EVERYWHERE. We took a few pictures and headed back down.


Other couples kept offering to take our pictures which was so sweet.


Fun fact about Cailin: he is like super good at building campfires, no matter how windy or rainy it is (lol). 

Also we tried our first Instagram live on this trip. Shout out to George for being our only viewer!

Overall it was a great weekend.

Comment with your favorite National Park to let us know where we should go next:


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